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As the drive for digital transformation accelerates, organizations can benefit from unprecedented opportunities, but they also face looming cybersecurity concerns that threaten progress.

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360 Cyber Risk Monitoring

Comprehensive Reports

360 Cyber Risk Monitoring

Receive a comprehensive monthly report, powered by Mastercard, with a Cyber Risk Rating of your digital operations. This report includes a security profile detailing vulnerabilities ranked by significance and threat level.

Your Own Risk Portal

Own Portal Access

Your Own Risk Portal

Access your individual Cyber Risk Portal, powered by Mastercard, providing a real-time Cyber Risk Rating of your digital operations. In the portal, you can view your security profile that details vulnerabilities ranked by significance and threat level.

Your Cyber Risk Score

One Time Risk Score

Your Cyber Risk Score

Turbocharge your cyber risk management with our fast and efficient assessment tool. Navigate the digital world with confidence, and rely on a comprehensive assessment that keeps you and your partners safe and prepared.

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Mastercard | Cybermonks Cyber Marketplace

The problem – and important facts to consider


.. of small business owners have no cyberattack prevention plan*

* Keeper Security’s 2019 SMB Cyberthreat Study
– July 2019


.. of data breaches included personal identifiable information (PII)*

– 2020


.. of SME’s filed for bankruptcy following a cyber attack*

* Zogby Analytics survey commissioned by National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) – Oct 2019

The Solution:

Optimize your cybersecurity with comprehensive risk assessments and actionable insights

Increase your cybersecurity with your personal Cyber Risk Rating. We provide a comprehensive rating based on a thorough evaluation of 40 criteria from nine security domains. Our service includes a detailed security and IT profile that spotlights vulnerabilities and their severity, alongside practical recommendations on how to address them.

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Introducing our innovative Cyber Security Marketplace—your gateway to unlocking safe and seamless digital transformations. We understand that integrating advanced technologies, cloud solutions, and interconnected systems bring new opportunities, but also potential vulnerabilities.

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Mastering cyber resilience
From SME to Enterprise

In today’s digital environment, cyberattacks are becoming more frequent and sophisticated. Organizations must understand not only their internal cyber vulnerabilities, but also the risks associated with their business partners and affiliates . Neglecting this aspect of cybersecurity can lead to significant financial losses, reputational damage, and operational disruptions.

In the Mastercard | CyberMonks Cyber Marketplace, we offer robust solutions, tailored to the needs of SMEs and Enterprise clients. We provide the tools and insights companies need to understand, manage, and mitigate cyber risks, internal and external. Going beyond security to ensure resilience in a swiftly changing online world.

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Empowering business security - Introducing the Cybersecurity Marketplace—powered by Mastercard

Empowering business security
Introducing the Cybersecurity Marketplace—powered by Mastercard

Mastercard | Cybermonks presents the Cyber Marketplace, a fusion of sophisticated, innovative cybersecurity and risk management solutions tailored for SMEs and enterprise clients. The streamlined process ensures easy adoption and seamless introduction of the solution.

The Cyber Marketplace is constantly expanding, with a range of vetted cybersecurity services and solutions. Trusted by global organizations, including Fortune 500 companies.

Regional support and additional services are available for each solution. If you have an invite-only code or customized package code, please visit the Cyber Marketplace and enter your code to access exclusive offers.

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