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Welcome to our premium Enterprise Cyber Security Marketplace . We know that large organizations face complex challenges in cybersecurity. That’s why we’ve created a platform tailored to your needs. In collaboration with Mastercard, we bridge the gap between complex cybersecurity demands and comprehensive, adaptable solutions.

Our mission is to enable enterprise clients to navigate the digital world, confident in the knowledge that every business move is protected by a solid security foundation. Explore our extensive services, and discover why we are the trusted partner for enterprise clients across the globe.

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360 Own Company Cyber Risk Assessment

RiskRecon is the Neighborhood watch of the cyber world, diligently patrolling the environment to detect any vulnerabilities that might be exploited. Passive assessments of the organization’s externally facing security domains are carried out without disrupting day-to-day operations to provide a Cyber Risk Score.

Strengthen your digital presence and protection with our Comprehensive Visibility Suite and benefit from world-leading benchmarking.

360 Own Company Cyber Risk Assessment

Comprehensive Visibility Suite

Enhance your organization's digital presence


Gain insights into how your organization is perceived externally within the digital environment.

Effective management

Be in complete control of your internet-facing infrastructure to optimize efficiency and responsiveness.

Monthly subscription
EUR 1,500 / month

Shadow IT Detection

Uncover and manage shadow IT operations and previously untracked systems, ensuring complete digital compliance and safety.

Benchmark for excellence

Compare and measure your organization’s cybersecurity performance against industry standards and peers, ensuring you are always ahead of the curve.

Enhance your security

Extend and reinforce existing control and monitoring tools, close gaps, and benefit from a 360 degree protection strategy.

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