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Welcome to our dedicated SME cyber security marketplace . We know that SMEs face unique challenges and objectives in cybersecurity. That’s why we’ve created a platform tailored to your needs. In collaboration with Mastercard, we bridge the gap between complex cybersecurity needs and actionable, accessible solutions. Our mission is to empower SMEs to navigate the digital world with confidence while our reliable security solutions provide a solid foundation for innovation, growth, and success.

Explore our services and discover why we are the trusted partner of SMEs across the globe.

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Your Own Risk portal
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EUR 239.99 / year
360 Cyber Risk Monitoring
EUR 74.99 / month
Your Cyber Risk Score
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Your Own Risk Portal

Are you struggling to navigate the complex cybersecurity environment for SMEs? Our SME portal, designed specifically for your needs, provides clarity. Access an external assessment of your organization, view your Cyber Risk Score, and delve into detailed reports that highlight vulnerabilities. Gain an understanding of your IT profile, prioritize by asset value and issue severity, and receive strategic recommendations on how to remediate them. The portal arms you with the knowledge to combat cyber threats, and sets you confidently on your digital journey.

Our innovative cyber risk assessment tool is carefully designed to meet the complex requirements of today’s online environments, and includes the following components:

360 Own Company Cyber Risk Assessment

Cyber Risk Rating

A concise rating of the security status of your online environment that enables you to quickly assess the health and safety of your digital assets.

Holistic security profile

Get an exhaustive list of vulnerabilities ranked considering both the asset value and the severity of the issue. This empowers you to allocate resources where they're needed most

Detailed IT Profile

A complete catalog of your internet-facing systems. This extensive list includes hosting details, such as provider names, locations, and number of systems connected to each provider, and ensures you are always informed of the current status.

Downloadable vulnerability reports

Documentation is critical for audits and compliance checks. With our platform, you can download detailed reports on identified vulnerabilities, making compliance easy.

High-level remediation suggestions

Our solution doesn’t just alert you to vulnerabilities, it helps you fix them. Benefit from high-level recommendations, designed by experts, to patch weaknesses and strengthen your digital security.

12 month subscription – paid in advance
EUR 239.99 / year

Stay ahead of cyber threats. Efficiently secure your digital presence with precision and clarity.

360 Cyber Risk Monitoring

Our monthly cyber risk monitoring and assessment service provides pro-active protection, ensuring consistency and providing expert guidance every step of the way.

Improve your cybersecurity strategy with a comprehensive monthly monitoring and assessment service that is designed for businesses who want the highest level of digital security. It includes the following components:

360 Cyber Risk Monitoring

Ongoing cyber risk assessment

Your organization’s Cyber Risk Rating is monitored and refreshed monthly, so you are always up-to-date with the current status of your digital environment.

Detailed monthly reports

Comprehensive monthly reports that break down all identified issues and risks. With this knowledge, you can make informed decisions about your ongoing cybersecurity strategy.

Dedicated Support

Benefit from our 8x5 full support, staffed by seasoned cybersecurity specialists ready to guide, advise, and assist you throughout your cybersecurity journey

Monthly subscription
EUR 74.99 / month

Your Cyber Risk Score

How does Your Cyber Risk Score work

Turbocharge your cyber risk management with our fast and effective assessment tool. Designed for modern organizations, the tool includes the following components:

Your Cyber Risk Score

Instant cyber risk insight

A fast and accurate rating of the cyber risk in your digital environment which gives you immediate insight into your current security status.

Partner and supplier assessments

Extend your due diligence with a cyber risk rating for your partner or suppliers. Ensure your extended business ecosystem is as secure as your core operation.

RFP/Selection Process Integration

Seamless integration of our tool into your Request for Proposal (RFP) or vendor selection process to ensure that potential partners align with your security standards.

One-time payment
EUR 99.99

Navigate the digital environment, secure in the knowledge that you and your partners are prepared for any cyber challenges.

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